I’m Siobhan Somers and I’m an experienced massage therapist and the proud owner of The Nottingham Massage Co. I set up The Nottingham Massage Co. to provide relaxing and holistic massage treatments to stressed-out, overworked, mentally or physically exhausted women that just need a bit of indulgence to make them feel good.

Sound like you?

Great, then you’re in the right place!

I truly believe that everyone should have the space and time to benefit from a massage without having to pay over the odds for something that makes you feel incredible. I’ll never charge you extra for aromatherapy oils, hot stones, or for adaptations to your visit because you’re pregnant or receiving cancer treatment- it’s just not my style.

Relaxing Massages in Nottingham- Tailored To You

My massages are as individual as you are; all massage treatments are bespoke to your individual needs and tailored to give you the best possible experience during your visit.
If you need any adaptations for your massage, like needing the toilet often, struggling with getting up and down, or needing to change position regularly, then that’s fine- I specifically schedule in time to make sure that you never feel rushed. I’m based in the heart of Stapleford, Nottingham, just outside the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre. Have a look through our full range of massage treatments using the button below.