The Nottingham Massage Co. is pleased to offer the following treatments:

*Please note – I am currently only taking on new female clients.

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Relaxing Holistic Massage

Full Body 60 mins – £60,
Back, Neck & Shoulders 45 mins – £48

Easily my most popular massage treatment, a relaxing full body massage is a gentle treat for your senses.

I start the massage with guided breathing while you concentrate on inhaling your choice of essential oil blends to bring you out of your mind and into your body.

I then move onto treating your back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms and decollete to fully relax and rejuvenate your muscles and skin.

Choose this massage for an indulgent, full body experience that leaves you feeling a little more zen.

Top to Toe

90 mins – £90

Leave no stone unturned with this luxurious top to toe massage which includes the scalp, hands, feet and abdomen, in addition to a standard full body massage, leaving you feeling completely renewed. All of my treatments begin with focused breathing and inhalation of your chosen essential oil blend from Amphora Aromatics.

Choose between Relaxing, Muscle & Joint, PMT, Invigorating, or Skin Nourishing.

Choose this treatment to float out of the treatment room feeling like your whole being has been cared for.

Soothing shoulder, Face & Scalp

45 mins – £48

Ideal for those who suffer from headaches, migraines & sinus pressure, this soothing massage is a beautiful escape from your own head.

I start the massage with inhalation of your choice of Measureable Difference essential oil blend to bring your attention to your breathing.

Your décolleté, shoulders and neck are then eased before a pressure point facial massage to drain sinuses and smooth furrowed brows, finishing with a beautiful scalp massage that will leave you drooling.

Choose this massage to relieve stress and tension felt in your head & neck.

Nurturing Mum to be

90 mins – £90

Relieve the stress that growing a tiny human puts on your body with a massage that’s specifically adapted to your growing bump, fully supported in my specially-designed pregnancy bolster.

This treatment is designed to heighten the connection between you and your baby, and includes an optional bump massage to include your baby in this sensory experience.

Choose this treatment if you are 12+ weeks pregnant. Please contact me directly if you are in the first trimester or high risk.

Sports Massage

First appointment 90 mins – £90,
Follow up 60 mins – £60

I use a range of sports massage techniques including trigger pointing to release your muscular tension, break down any adhesions, to help mobilise soft muscle tissue, and relieve pain. I’ll work with you to focus on one or two problem areas to ease any discomfort and to help you get feeling fit again.

Choose this treatment to focus on one or two specific areas of pain or discomfort.

Settle & Soothe

120 mins – coming soon

A holistic experiential treatment designed to take you out of your mind and into your body, helping soothe your physical stress and process your mental stress.

Choose this if you have trouble switching off and truly relaxing, and feel a disconnect within yourself.

All treatments are carried out in my purpose-built garden clinic in Stapleford, just outside Nottingham city centre. Click here for more details.